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Metro Manila may get Bus Rapid Transit

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Vol. XXI, No. 27
Monday, September 3, 2007 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES
The Nation

Bus rapid transport system to put order
on Metro Manila thorough fares

METRO MANILA may soon put order to its bus system with the Department of Transportation and Communications (DoTC) considering a bus rapid transit (BRT) system to address congestion.

A team of transportation experts early this month completed a pre-feasibility study for a BRT system for the metropolis.

The technical working group, chaired by Transportation Undersecretary Anneli R. Lontoc, include representatives from the United States Agency for International Development, University of the Philippines’ National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS) and nongovernmental group Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center.

The BRT system will be similar to the TransMilenio in Bogota, Colombia and TransJakarta in Jakarta, Indonesia, the groups said in a statement.

The BRT is a mass transportation system using buses that operate on exclusive lanes with features commonly found in rail systems: pre-boarding fare collection at stations, scheduled trips, and the use of intelligent transport systems such as global positioning system.

The project proponents will attempt to combine the advantages of a metro system (exclusive right-of-way improves punctuality and frequency) with the advantages of a bus system (low construction and maintenance costs).

And while the system approaches the service quality of rail transit, it still provides the cost savings of bus transit.

Last March at the signing of a Metro Manila Declaration for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation, Jose Regin F. Regidor, director of NCTS, had said BRT is "environmentally sustainable transport."

It needs to be mainstreamed and not remain as a mere alternative to the current situation, he added.

The group said it soon will undertake a full feasibility study of a public BRT system, which would consider how commercial buses fit into the system.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is currently implementing an organized bus route system for the metropolis’ 2,000 privately owned buses. BRT systems are widely used in the Latin Americas, the United States, Europe, Australia, and in Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia. — Maria Kristina C. Conti

Postscript: Wait a minute! I got a little too excited there and didn't notice the date on the article. It was four months ago.

Any one have any updated news?


Peter said...

Uy kids nami hehe :)

Anyway we've been monitoring it but so far no release of the study yet. We know there are severals studies so far but the most important question is if BF will buy in to this. He controls the biggest most probable thoroughfares (c5, Commonwealth etc). If he's on then it's just a few mayors he has to contend with for the particular lines. This assumes that Mendoza and company will not be making any objections! He's got last say till he gets replaced or moved to another position.

This project or type of transport system still has also not been sold to the public so for political acceptance they would need to have a phase to drum up support for this as there will be some displacement for sure.

Eugene said...

Wow! I hope this gets implemented, and soon. If this becomes successful, then the country probably need not spend hundreds of billions to complete the MRT/LRT system.

Anonymous said...

Has the govt. really woken up, realized the value of a competent transport system.Fingers crossed!!


Sidney said...

I am still waiting for my biking lanes...

tutubi philippines said...

this is good. i'd love to see such system here

Anonymous said...

BF in an MMC meeting has agreed to more detailed studies in preparation for piloting a BRT along C5. Just FYI.

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