balikbayan box

Ok, this is only tangentially connected to urban issues (maybe to global migration patterns?) but it was a bit of a distinctly pinoy thrill to see the Balikbayan Box Cover featured on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools:

A Filipino friend came to the rescue with this simple, but incredibly effective solution (in the Philippines, when someone travels abroad, it's customary to ship his/her relatives a Balikbayan box filled with gifts/goodies). At 60 inches linear total, the box cover conforms to major airline luggage size restrictions, although it may take some creativity to keep the weight within the 50-lb. limit in this large of a box.
Of course this is old hat for the OFW set, but it is more proof of how globalized we pinoys are. I didn't even know that Balikbayan Box has a wikipedia entry.

How cool is that? Kevin Kelly is only the co-founder of Wired Magazine and one of the pillars of the Long Now Foundation.


Sidney said...

The "balikbayan" boxes I send from Belgium have only size limits no weight limits.

But I like Kevin Kelly's design... it would for sure protect more my smuggled bottles of wine... ;-)

Senor Enrique said...

I'd like to get one of these instead of getting a second luggage, but only problem is as you said is filling the box and keeping the weight within airline regulation.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Sidney, Enrique,

My own experience with these bags are that they are usually just good for one use, especially if your stash tips the scales.


derdo said...

Do you or any of your readers know of an entity in Paris that can send Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines? May I have the address/link?

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