tata nano

Tata Motors has unveiled the world's cheapest motor car at India's biggest car show in the capital, Delhi.

The vehicle, called the Tata Nano, will sell for 100,000 rupees or $2,500 (£1,277) and enable those in developing countries to move to four wheels.
Too bad Sarao didn't think of this. Of course, this probably isn't a good thing for cities.

< couldn't resist... >

Tata Nano.

Alternate names:
  1. Tata Kbonalangako
  2. Tata Ndakasabagal
  3. Tata Ntananmoangtraffic
  4. Tata Lisodsababolgam
  5. Tata Nginaangsikip (Pardon my french)
Your suggestions?


vickie2005 said...

Tata Ob Kungmaysumakaynamataba.

vickie2005 said...

Tata Ntanankangpulis

vickie2005 said...

Tata Wasiwengweng

(I know. I'm just being silly.)

Michael said...

We have our own PhUV.


Peter said...

Better this than all those motorcycles or scooters. I suppose this would be better quality too than the homemade stainless jeep or auv since it's an engineered product on a manufactured process.

Urbano dela Cruz said...


HAHAHAHA. that last one got me ROTFL.

(but then, you saw me so this is just for the benefit of the other readers)


Urbano dela Cruz said...


thanks for the link.

A "PhUV" ? Weren't we already exporting FXs?


koikaze said...

For whatever it's worth (which isn't much), I had a Honda 600 in the 1970's. It was the first automobile Honda exported to the United States.

It had a 2-cylinder motorcycle engine and a 4-speed transmission. Two people could pick it up and turn it around (you didn't NEED to, but you could). I don't remember what it cost but it got about 35 miles to the gallon, as I recall. Having an 18-wheeler pass you when driving down the turnpike would give you lots of experience handling cross-winds.

I really liked that car ... in a reverse snobbish sort of way ... but Honda went on to bigger (and, to them, better) things and it disappeared from the scene.

I wonder if the Tata will follow the same course?


Urbano dela Cruz said...


You've got a point there. so, maybe the Air car instead of the Nano...

Urbano dela Cruz said...


maybe we're trending back to the small cars.

The Fortwo and the Nano are just the precursors.


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