belmonte gets it

Sonny Belmonte gets it and says "cities are the new nations":

Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said the emergence of cities as centers of commerce and economic drivers of their respective countries has provided growing power to local governments, enabling local leaders to increase their influence in state affairs and in national breakthroughs.

“Cities are malleable habitats for life. They can be molded, guided, equipped, strengthened and fine-tuned to achieve goals like employment, innovation and growth,” he said during a symposium organized by the German Federal Intelligence Service Bundesnachrichtendienst, where he was invited as a panelist.
I'm glad to see that Belmonte, Bayani Fernando and Jejomar Binay are on various shortlists for 2010 (thought I'm not too hot on the latter two).

I have no sense of their prospects but it may be a good chance to push forward an urban agenda into the platforms and presidential debates.


Peter said...

Well others certainly seem to agree!
QC ranks among top 10 Asian cities, No. 1 in RP

What QC is planning.

Some more info on QC dev't

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Thanks for the links Peter.

That document is fantastic. I hope they get to implementation.

I especially liked:

"…pedestrian safety is the most
mportant objective of QC’s transport infrastructure program…"

although it bothers me a little that the before pictures show people on the sidewalks and the after pictures have empty sidewalks.

also liked

"Minimize short distance vehicle trips by promoting pedestrianization thru improved sidewalks, bicycle lanes and walkways"


"Formulate a public utility vehicle re routing plan to minimize ride transfers and shorten walk distance between transfers"

Which hopefully means the jeeps can drop you off right next to the MRT stations.

Now you've got me scampering to find out more about the QC CBD plans.

dave (",) said...

interesting developments in qc indeed. since i spent happy college years in that city, i'm planning on getting myself a piece of real estate there. too bad, i've already invested in taguig because it's cheaper here.

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