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This from the Manila Times: BRT in the Philippines to cost Php55B for 426 kilometers. (That seems a little pricey to me but at least the idea has found legs.)

Moreso, pilot routes are in the works. I hope they do it right.

The Transportation department is planning to have two pilot routesthe 21-km C-5 (South Luzon Expressway-Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City) route and the 24-km Edsa-Binangonan (Rizal) routewhich will cost a total of over P6 billion.

The C-5 BRT will have 16 stations while the Edsa-Binangonan BRT, 18 stations.

The estimated cost per kilometer in the construction of the Edsa-Binangonan pilot corridor is P139.07 million and of the C-5, P129.33 million.

The two pilot routes were chosen from 11 potential BRT corridors.

NEDA cited the positive impacts of the BRT system in Bogota, including high level of service at low cost, less boarding time, equal-opportunity access, safety, reduction in some pollutants, efficiency and customer satisfaction, all achieved at a fare of $0.40 and not requiring any subsidies.

The BRT system in Bogot can handle 40,000 passengers per hour.

NEDA said that pedestrian spaces and bike paths will complement the proposed BRT system in the Philippines.

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