fun with google earth: 3

Location A

Location B

Location C

Location D

So let's do a slightly harder set. Four locations -wider ranging. All still major landmarks.

Click on the pictures for larger versions.


juned said...

A. Philippine Senate Building
B. Rizal Coliseum
C. Meralco and the Meralco Theatre
D. Festival Mall at Ayala Alabang

Urbano dela Cruz said...

good show, juned!

(egad. it's like having a gameshow with only one contestant....)

raymond said...

And contestant keeps winning...

waltzang said...

b. rizal memorial sports coliseum!
c. meralco building and theater!

pero ano yung a and d?

this blog is great!

Urbano dela Cruz said...


juned got it right. (and I hear he did it without using google earth. he's probably an aswang so he does his own aerials. -hehehe. just kidding, juned.)

thanks for playing.

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