white is the new pink?
(to catch all that yellow)

We-make-money-not-art recently featured the pee-tree:

"So Joa Herrenknecht has designed the Pee-tree urinal for public spaces. His bright ceramic white colour is a strong signal that can be seen from far – making it accessible when in urgent need. The trunk offers a perfect place for messaging, e.g. "I was here" or "done that" statements. The urine is directly flushed down to the underground sewage canal.

You think we can convince BF to replace his pink urinals with these?

Original and more examples from the pee-pee project.


Anne said...

I bet we can!

DanieL said...

you bet it can be done as long as you keep the pee-tree pink in color. =)

Urbano dela Cruz said...

hmm, what if we roll in "monuments" too -and instead of trees, make it figurines of our favorite pols?

ed said...

the pink urinals stink a lot. undescribable. i believe the original plans involved the mmda hosing them daily or regularly at least. but sadly, ningas cogon. and for some reason, they dont always drain into the canals, but instead spill into the sidewalks.

somewhere near the front of the quezon city hall, one of the urinals had to be taken away. there was always runoff on the sidewalks, where people line up for jeepneys and where street vendors sell wares.

Urbano dela Cruz said...


ah, the challenges of planning for maintenance!

Maybe we should consider public pay toilets?

Vespasian, who installed the first pay-to-use public loos in ancient Rome, famously said "Pecunia non olet" ("Money does not smell").

Here's a really interesting article on NYC's experience with pay toilets.

I'm sure the culture that invented the jeepney (hey, don't knock it -it worked for its time!) can locally manufacture pay toilets.

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