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Image: "Dancing through the streets in Buenos Aires' San Telmo neighborhood."
-from Project for Public Spaces' The Best Street Photography of 2005

Project for Public Spaces releases their Best Street Photography from 2005 along with 10 Tips for Taking Great Photos of Public Spaces.
"When it comes to photographing public places, it's obvious that people must be front and center in your shots. But there's a lot more to good street photography than getting a nice crowd in the frame. To really communicate something about a place, you need to illustrate its qualities as a site of human activity. These tips from our street-smart photographers will help you capture those perfect public space moments on film (or memory card)."

I thought my manila shutterbug friends would enjoy the tips (and maybe add some of their own):
  1. Look for people's patterns

  2. Always be alert

  3. Wait for the right moment

  4. Become a part of the place

  5. Legitimize yourself

  6. Be purposeful

  7. Naïveté can help

  8. Try a number of angles

  9. Your own photos are always better than someone else's

  10. Find a great place

And, may I add, if you know of great urban places in Metro Manila, don't forget to nominate them.


Sidney said...

Thank you for the link! Nice to see street photography from around the world.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

welcome back sidney! looking forward to your new pictures.

ed said...

Very good photo tips and link. Thanks Urbano.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Thanks! Where you been, Ed?

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