this week in our cities...

  • Taguig planning a lake front financial district

  • A great idea -it'll open up Laguna lake as the other waterfront of the city - in counterpoint to soon to be expanded waterfront at the CCP. It will also hopefully draw attention to the environmental degradation of the lake..
    Connect it to the west to Fort Bonifacio then to Makati, north to Ortigas and Libis, and south to the redeveloped FTI.

  • Call centers changing the city; police now on 24 hour watch (You mean they never were???)

  • FX operators still wrangling on AUV express plan

  • Quezon City begins building a medical complex

  • Which will integrate quite well with the North Triangle Commercial Center. From the article:

    "The multimillion-peso project will be the first of its kind in Asia and is expected to be completed by 2010, Del Mundo said.

    “It will be something that we will all be proud of, something that will thrust us into the 21st century and beyond,” he told the Inquirer in an interview.

    Aside from the hospitals, which will be expanded and their facilities upgraded, the complex will also have a National Reference Laboratory for Degenerative Diseases, and centers for blood diseases, brain, cancer, and physical therapy and rehabilitation. A Medical Arts Building, large enough to accommodate the clinics of 1,280 doctors, will also be constructed, Del Mundo said.

  • BF continues his Metro Gwapo program, this time threatening to confiscate laundy hung on clotheslines

  • MMDA looking for new dumpsites.

  • FACTOID: Metro Manila produces 8,000 metric tons of trash EVERYDAY. That's more than 17 million pounds. Or the combined weight of over 1,500 asian elephants! It also means that every person who lives in Metro Manila produces more than 1 pound of trash everyday.


Pia Faustino said...


I think you came across my essay in the World Bank Essay Competition website.

Thanks for reading it and e-mailing. Like you, I'm also very passionate about urban renewal in Metro Manila.

I look forward to reading your blog some more. I've learned a lot just looking around. Hope to read more.


Pia Faustino

Urbano dela Cruz said...

hey Pia,

thanks for contacting me. (I sent you email directly).

With your permission, can I publish your essay in this blog?


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