The Filipino, according to Google (updated)

Google Blogoscoped's Google Predjudice Map inspired me to do a similar search.

So what does the net (via Google) say about us? (468 links)

And what does it say about Manila? (133 links)

I should make a tag-cloud out of this...

UPDATE: I tried a search of "Filipinos are notorious for" and came up with this. Notice something though, most of the google links that come up are Filipino sites. What does that say about our self-image.


Sidney said...

Wow! I am impressed. As far as I went Google is only mentioning nice & positive things about the Filipinos!
I must compare this with the Belgians! :-)

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Well, there was one about always being late.

As for Belgians, chocolates, beer and multi-lingual capacities don't sound too bad.

juned said...

Warm, hospitable and a skill for languages. And of course Filipino time. Although we have improved we do have anticipated masses now :) Maybe you should send this link to the "Don", then again it may be a bit of an overkill :)

jo said...

Thanks for sharing these, esp the map. I've been struggling with my own prejudices lately, and reading this reminded me that prejudices are indeed irrational!

On the side, whenever I see at-a-glance maps like this, I always hope to see recognition of the Philippines.. but second look now shows even Malaysia OR Singapore (there's no country label next to the box near them) weren't included either..

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