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UPDATE 8.19.05: Sydney sent me a link to an article this story in philstar (link might be broken - I think Philstar doesn't archive). Looks like the Senate is also stepping into the fray (or the publicity) -let's hope it's not ningas cogon.
The soundbyte from Sen. Flavier:

"In a third world country like the Philippines with an acute transportation shortage and an ever-worsening air pollution problem, foot-powered bicycles may yet become one of the most efficient, inexpensive and practical means of public transport," Flavier said in the explanatory note of his bill. "

The confluence of higher gas prices, traffic and pollution is at last bringing authorities around to the logic of bike lanes in the city. (Thanks also to the work of the Firefly Brigade.)

Apart from bike lanes, the MMDA is also working on expanding sidewalks and pedestrian routes. About time -as the cars have been lording over planning choices in Metro Manila over the last 30 years.

Maybe this will lead them to Traffic Calming and Road Diets.

Image credit: Christian Science Monitor


Sidney said...

Let's hope this happen in our life time. I would LOVE to bike in MM !

Ian said...

Bikes save gas! As low as P1,995 you can get your own bike.

In certain provinces their are lanes for tricycles only. I saw this when we passed through Santiago City, Isabela.

Urbano dela Cruz said...


I don't see why it can't happen in the next 5 years.


it's healthy too. of course all offices should also be required a shower room so office workers can also bike to work. or some enterprising soul should put up bike parking with showers.

Ivan ManDy said...

Oh yes, and dont forget sturdy bike racks too!

I am really hoping we can replicate Marikina's bike lane project around MM.

You should go to China and see how ladies there have not once ounce of fat. Of course it could be tea.or even biking too!

Urbano dela Cruz said...

tea. biking and early morning tai-chi.

and after the bike lanes, maybe we can begin reclaiming sidewalks --not from the vendors, but from the roadways that seemed to have eaten away at the curbs over the last 20 years.

juned said...

I enjoy biking. I do hope that becomes a reality.

Urbano dela Cruz said...


If the peak oil theorists are to be believed, society will be forced to turn in their gas guzzlers and bike sooner rather than later.

Ivan ManDy said...

Yikes,I just read to today at one of the dailies about Metro Manila mayors being 'open' to the proposed bike lanes scheme execept the one in dear old ManiLA. He commented " I's like we're moving backward (instead of forward)."

I suppose this a battle between the futuristic-forward automobiles vis-a-vis the pawis-powered lowly bicycle.

Im not expecting bike lanes in the narrow streets of Quiapo or Chinatown but at the very some in the wider areas of the city!

Urbano dela Cruz said...

bike lanes have a secondary effect (that most traditional traffic engineers don't like) -it slows down traffic.

but the effect of slower traffic is counter-intuitive. it actually makes traffic more efficient - and flow smoother.

I trust the bright-boys of city planning in Manila City Hall will enlighten Mr. Atienza. (If not, then someone should have him visit Portland, Oregon or Vancouver -he can see how "backward" those cities are because of their bike lanes.")

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