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Time out for some good news. Eight cities shine amidst gloom.

"There is still hope for our country. While the national government is concerned with the impeachment, the cities are moving forward. The cities have bonded to ensure that basic services are delivered," said Iloilo Mayor Jerry Treñas.

The goals of the eight cities are as follows:

  • San Fernando: The Botanical Garden City by 2010
  • Tagbilaran: A Prime Eco-Tourism Hub by 2015
  • Calbayog: One City, One People, One Culture by 2015
  • Iloilo: Premier City by 2015
  • Naga City: Model City for Participatory Government by 2015
  • Samal: Island Garden City by 2015
  • Cebu: Most Livable City in Asia by 2015
  • Marikina: A World-class City by 2015

Of these goals, my favorites are Cebu's (livability) and Naga's (participatory government). If the lack of vision at the national level is getting you down, visit these cities and be inspired by what they are trying to do.

(More about the program from CIPE-ISA.)

image credit: Jim Guiao Punzalan for INQ7


Ivan ManDy said...

Hmmm...I wonder why San Fernando Pampanga didnt make it. It could have gone under the heritage-preservation category (if any)

Ian said...

This should set as an example to other cities as well. No matter how big or small the city is just with good planning and governance something will definitely come out the best for all.

Mitch said...

Any word on how Leyte and Baguio are doing?

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Urbano dela Cruz said...


San Fernando is top of the list.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. IMHO, it is better that small cities begin with a planning outlook -because whether they like it or not, growth IS coming. What shape that growth will take, what kind of built environment it creates will be dependent on their vision (or lack thereof).


Baguio has serious environmental problems -mainly from overpopulation. I think the city (as with many cities) painted itself into a corner by regarding the John Hay deal as a pure real estate transaction -and by looking at the property with "tourist industry" eyes. -It could have been an excellent area for planned development - more room for housing growth for the general population.

I don't have much on cities in Leyte.

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