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A reader and a friend asked why I haven't commented on Gloria-gate.

It's not out of apathy or resignation. I just think there are enough voices speaking out about the matter and my betters (MLQ, Sassy Lawyer, et. al.) are doing a good job of annotating the developments as they unfold. (Not that I agree with everything they say -I did get a total kick from Carlos Celdran's "Open Letter".)

I prefer to focus on 1) urban planning and design issues; 2) city livability; and more importantly, 3) the 50-100 year outlook. It's so easy to miss the forest for the trees -and the trees aren't looking so good right now. The forest stretches back 500 years and forward another 500. (Or in keeping with the above image -looking for the end of the tunnel, and the next tunnel...)

I figured I'd be more useful on the lookout perch than in melee on the ground.

Image credit: Thomas Hawk.


Sidney said...

Well said Urbano. It is good to talk and talk but at the end of the day some work must have been done.
The issues you are rising in your blog are important ones which affects our daily life and that of our children and grandchildren.

mandymiller5425 said...
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Urbano dela Cruz said...




RE: above deleted post.

oh great. now the spammers are into blog comments!

Ian said...

Its enough that your doing something for the country for the future. There is I think enough dumb and intellectual Filipinos saying something about that issue.

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