thanks for the shout out

Carlos Celdran, famous Manila "streetwalker" posted a shout out and a link from his well-read site to mine. Thanks!

(If you haven't taken his tour, I am told it is a MUST.)

Like I said, we need more Carlos Celdrans in the city. Help us to appreciate home ground just a bit more.

On another note, I really need to expand my list of city oriented pinoy sites.


ed said...

Hello out there.

I got here through Carlos's blog. I just have to say it feels good to read about the development topics you post, and even better to know that, despite the mess our politicians continously create, there are still people who care about our cities. Keep up the good work!

Sidney said...

I also found you through Carlo's blog. I love walking in Manila.

It is indeed nice to see that some people care for their cities. There is a lot of work to do in MM.
There are some improvements going on but maybe it is too little too late especially with the ever growing population.

I am following what is happening in Fort Bonifacio (Taguig) and I am wondering if they will make it a viable city or if they will construct high rise buildings on every sqm.
Did they learned from the past? In any case it would be a golden opportunity to make it different since they started from scratch.

Keep up the good work and good luck !
If you need pictures for your blog I can take some for you.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Thanks Ed. Thanks Sydney.

I'll post something about Fort Bonifacio soon. Basically though, the financial pressures on the land (because it was sold to the highest bidder -whose finances eventually collapsed) means that the development there will have to be up-market and high intensity.

Crame and Aguinaldo will eventually be on the seller's block. It would be ideal if the sale included a social inclusion zoning clause: i.e. -a percentage (20%?) of dwelling units to be built should be affordable.

(Sydney, I would appreciate pictures of Fort Bonifacio -including Market, Market. -thanks!)

Sidney said...

I am in Belgium right now but will be back in the Philippines on August 5. You can expect some pictures the week after. I took my first pictures of Fort Bonifacio some 3 years ago and I try to keep up with the changes happening there.

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