living machine

The World Bank is spending $ 64M to upgrade Metro Manila's sewers. I wish there was a citizen's voice or a green group that would find a place on the table.

The picture above is from Baima, China. It's a living machine -a constructed wetland that cleans an urban creek. Can you imagine something like this on the Pasig River, the Marikina River or on Tripa de Galina?

"In Baima, China, a series of canals (top) used to collect and channel sewage, commercial wastewater, and stormwater runoff threatened the health of the city's 6 million inhabitants. After just two months, a Restorer system supporting 12,000 plants of 20 native species (bottom) is reducing odors, eliminating solids, improving water clarity, and reducing bacteria in the effluent that flows to the area's major river."

image credits: Ocean Arks International

(more about this project after the link)


Ian said...

Certainly the government can do this to our main rivers only if they devote themselves to it. I watched a segment on the news a month ago, this concern citizen complaining that there estero has been piling up a lot of garbage and causing the street to flood when it rains. After a few days the estero was clean and water was flowing freely. So people just happen to throw garbage everywhere that's the main reason they got there in the first place.

juned said...

I have seen an aquarium system that uses the same principle to filter its water. Not quite sure if it still exsists though. It was built by Walter Adey.

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