The Edushi interface, showing Shanghai riverfront (the Bund)

Detail from Shanghai map

(Eugene, have you seen this one?)

Forget getting Metro Manila on GoogleEarth or GoogleMaps, LiveSearch or even OpenStreetMap. Call in the Chinese and ask them to put our metropolis on Edushi.com (Ch.).

Found them via Digital Urban.

The graphic detail is nothing short of delicious. Check out the map of Shanghai. More cities listed here (if you can read Chinese).

Of course it also helps that the orthogonal view looks like it's straight out of SimCity.

The big advantage China has is that the military, for security reasons, keeps full autocad models of ALL the cities (don't ask me how I know), so it's easy to roll something like this out.

Chinese cities are also addicted to scale models and nearly every planning office will have a whole hall dedicated to a scale model.

Makes my mapgeek mouth water.

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Eugene said...

Never seen this yet. Ditto on whoa. And I love how it looks Sim City-ish. Hehehe.

I actually have a long-term project to create an isometric Sim City-ish map of Metro Manila. I put that project in the back burner early this year since I tried starting it in Alabang and realized that it would take too much of my time.

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