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So, I've been accepted as a contributor to Embarq's The City Fix blog. They'll run my first post next week.

The BIG IDEA behind The City Fix is:

"...cities do not have to be chaotic, contaminated, and clogged with cars. With the appropriate planning and design, cities can accommodate the current influx of new people while also improving the quality of life for their residents. By focusing on the intersection of transportation, design, environmental science, and urban planning, this blog examines the myriad ways that cities can adapt and ensure that the current wave of urbanization is good for humanity and the environment." (emphasis mine-udc)

Which is exactly the gospel I want to preach to Metro Manila.

EMBARQ, a leading international resource on sustainable transport, is a project of the World Resources Institute.


Lorimer said...

Congratulations,Benjamin. Looking forward to more of your interesting ideas on how to make Metro Manila a better city to live in. People in MMDA or Malacanang should be reading this blog!

Urbano dela Cruz said...

thanks, Lorimer!

do people in Malacanang or the MMDA read blogs?

I'm only hoping someone in the philippine media reads this blog, hopefully to repeat the ideas.

Benjamin de la Pena
a.k.a. Urbano dela Cruz

Anonymous said...

Awlright! Congratulations there, Zippy! So proud of you!


Eugene said...

Congratulations! :-)

So will you be doing lots of cross-postings between these two blogs of yours?

Urbano dela Cruz said...




yes, I'll be cross posting relevant subjects.

of course the non-profit I work for is asking why I don't blog for them.

Sidney said...


dave (",) said...

congrats! looking forward to the cross-posted articles.

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