Is that why I only have a dozen readers?


(Watch out when you do the readability link. They throw in an ad into the code.)


wysgal said...

Good for you! My blog reads like "elementary school" level material. I'm insulted! =)

Urbano dela Cruz said...


you have to throw in words like floccinaucinihilipilification or hippopotomonstrosesquipidelian.

seriously though, my writing averages at about 11.1 to 11.7 on the Gunning fog index (so I'm somewhere between Time magazine and Atlantic Monthly -and you'll need to be a high school graduate to understand my convoluted language. At least, I haven't fallen into the higher education academic-speak gibberish trap.)

You think that's good enough for the MMDA to take notice?

(P.S. You can test your writing under the other readability scales (Flesch-Kincaid, Coleman, etc.) with this tool.)

Urbano dela Cruz said...

and, when all is said and done.

K.I.S.S. rules.

Lorimer said...

All my blogs' readability scores are "Genius"??? What?!

Integrity of the test site is suspect, what with the hidden ad link in the banner code.

Urbano dela Cruz said...


maybe, instead of measuring "readability" -the site actually measures the blogger's ego?

just kidding.


dave (",) said...

i think this is a way to flatter the readers :D

Urbano dela Cruz said...


i certainly hope you're flattered.


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