I got a C- in Lakbayan (by Eugene Villar).
How much of the Philippines have you visited?


Eugene changed the scoring system and so I got
bumped up to a C+! So I just left the "almost failed" column.
Thanks, Eugene!

Judging by the google hits and the comments on the
post -this has got to be the pinoy blog meme of the year!


Eugene said...

Hi Urbano. I updated my grading system on June 13 so your grade is outdated. I took the liberty of recreating your answers and here is your updated result. You're C+ now. :)

The results page now also has a link to let you update the map as you travel some more. (Well, when you go back to the Philippines again.) :)

Wow, you've been to the major urban centers in the Visayas. Part of your studies in urban planning?

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Thanks, Eugene. Although C+ is still barely "pasang awa." Hehehe.

I traveled around a lot when I was running the Ayala Young Leaders Congress.

Hope to travel more -this time for urban planning. Let's see if we can bump that grade up to A.

tutubi said...

urban planning?

is there such a thing here in pinas?

kidding aside, i wish i have a job where I can visit much of the country with spare time for R&R

got B-, btw

Urbano dela Cruz said...


oh there is urban planning. mostly about relieving traffic congestion! (*shakes fist at car-riding elite*)

you got a B-, you've travel way more than I have.

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