it has begun

Senor Enrique reports that Lim has started to demolish the pedestrian mall.

No consultations. No review. Just sledgehammers.

No defenders either.

At this rate, Manila Zoo is also probably doomed. And the Baywalk should also be nervous.

Sigh. Short-sightedness, lack of vision wins again.

We really, really need 1,000 Friends of Metro Manila.

Image credit: Senor Enrique
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peterangliongto said...

It's sad that a mayor who was elected by less than half of the voting populace who represented about half of the actual electorate to begin with, seems more hellbent on eradicating what accomplishments his predecessor has accomplished than putting up more worthwhile projects. The City of Manila has to put up with such politicking for the next 3 years at least and will be an unstable period for progress.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

that's because political Leadership (and that's with a small p and a big L) in our cities rests entirely with the electeds.

we need an urban coalition that addresses urban issues. an urban coalition formidable enough to challenge this kind of shortsightedness and forward-thinking enough to call for a new vision for our cities.

we need civic leaders with an urban vision.

see the history of the Commercial Club of Chicago or the Regional Plan Association of NY-NJ.

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