Edi Sian of Pinoy Post interviewed me for his blog and so if you want to hear me repeat the many themes I squeak about in this blog (and hear them in my own squeaky voice), hie over to Pinoy Post to find Edi's summary of our talk as well as links to the long (three part) podcast.

I reproduce the audio links below:

This podcast is a 3-part conversation.

Part 1 covers the History of Manila, Manila as Pearl of the Orient, Devastation that came with World War Two
Part 2 covers the discussion on what makes a city livable.
Part 3 tackles the solutions and recommendations for improving Metro Manila.

Edi's other podcasts are interviews with even more interesting people, including Tita Cory, Cito Lorenzo (about Gawad Kalinga) and Sol Angala about the Pinoy Teacher's Network.

Edi wants his podcast to "1) to inform its listeners about issues concerning the global Filipino community and the Philippines; (2) to engage everyone with timely, relevant, thought-provoking topics; (3) to mobilize the global Filipino community into action and provide links and options for people to be involved in."

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