fixing traffic

LA Times features 10 ideas from 6 specialists (requires registration) for quick and inexpensive ways to reduce traffic in Los Angeles. (via planetizen)

The suggestions range from lowering bus fares, raising parking rates, congestion and express lane tolling and expanding Rapid Bus networks (!).

What you will not find is any suggestion to expand the road network, or widen roads -something the MMDA still seems hung up on. Haven't they read about induced traffic demand (340kb pdf)?


Dominique said...

Hi, Urbano: probably my best experience with mass transit was in Portland, Oregon. The system is called Tri-Met, and it's a network of buses and rails. Check out their website.

Being an IBM employee then, I got a one-year pass (which I really only used for one month) that let me ride any bus or train without paying additional fares. Sulit na sulit!

Urbano dela Cruz said...

hey dominique (sorry for the delayed reply),

Yes, am familiar with Tri-Met. Apart from the single-ticket ease, Portland and Oregon provide incentives for companies to provide their employees transit passes.

The Flash Pass and back home at least provides cross platform ticketing for the MRT-LRT-Metrotren system.

The government should make that a tax-deductible expense if local companies buy in bulk (or load in bulk) to provide to their employees.

There is no reason why the same system can be used to pay for bus, fx and jeepney if we seriously put energies to integrating our public transit system.

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