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This is way cool. The latest sat images of Metro Manila on Google Earth capture a plane just about to land on the runway at NAIA.

You can see it on Google Maps via this link.

Or you can download the kml file here.

Here's another tidbit: did you know that NAIA doesn't have it's own website?

And this ridiculous line from the wikipedia entry on NAIA

The airport is also connected (emphasis mine-udc) to the Light Rail Transit LRT Yellow Line by a two-kilometer taxi ride to Baclaran Station. In the future, another LRT line is to be constructed to connect LRT Yellow Line's Baclaran Station, nearer but still indirectly, to the airport's 3 terminals.
So much for being connected. If we can't even think about connecting our transit modes, how can we even think of connecting to the world?

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Maryanne Moll said...

Now that is an irony.

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