those long pauses...

...are moments of doubt. or collisions with reality.

This is just a blog, after all. How dare I imagine that I could have some effect. How dare I imagine that anyone would actually listen.

I guess that is just par for the course for long distance love affairs.

Eventually it becomes unrequited. If it was ever shared in the first place.

(Perhaps this is just a dim echo of older loves. But then, that again is presumptive.)

What a fool believes, indeed.

Oh well. Maybe there are the enough words here to put on some pages, and enough pages here to someday cobble a book.


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koikaze said...

Maybe there are the enough words here to put on some pages, and enough pages here to someday cobble a book.

... and maybe the book will be about Designing a Democracy. It is a topic that cries for exposition. It is also a topic where a pamphlet may be more powerful than a tome.

I hope you find the time and energy to write it. If you do, I'd like to help!!!


koikaze said...

Good Afternoon, Urbano

I'd like to get a notification when you post on your blog, but I'm not sure how to go about it. On your main page, there's a clicker "Subscribe in a Reader". I looked in it, but I've no idea what any of it means. Also, I saw no option to turn the thing off, so I'm afraid to accept any of the options. I don't want to give implicit approval for someone to bomb me with junk mail I don't want.

All I really want is an e-mail notification when you post on your blog.

Am I dreaming?


Urbano dela Cruz said...

hi fred,

thanks for staying with me. been nursing particularly nasty cold that has sidelined me for days.

if you are using either Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer -there should be an RSS icon at the leftmost corner of the URL. click on that and it should take you to the rss feed. you can then drag the url icon onto your toolbar or bookmarks and it should tell you when there is a new, unread post.

or you can click on this link and then save the location as a bookmark (or "my places" or internet favorites)

if that sounds a little complicated -then the safe out is that I'll make sure to email you a notice/copy when I do finally get to post 7.2 of this series. (I doubt if you want any notices about the rest of the topics I delve into.)


p.s. -as to the pamphlet/monograph. I was seriously considering it -but gotta finish my thoughts first. Your help would be more than welcome.

koikaze said...

Thank you very much, udc.

I think I've got it. I'll know for sure the next time you post. I believe I've got it set so I'll see all of your posts. I may not understand some of the Phillipines-related material, but from what I've seen of your posts, paying attention will be worthwhile.

I hope you're recovering. Thanks again for taking the time to help me.


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