dear jhaelnis

No, Gilbert Felongco is NOT the author of this blog.

Urbano dela Cruz is the author of this blog.

Gilbert Felongco is a correspondent for Gulf News -and I quoted from his article in my last post.

Don't get me wrong, Jhaelnis, I do I appreciate your helping me spread my ideas by re-posting it on this forum and this forum in Skyscraper City. Sometimes it just feels weird to have discussions about my blog posts in a forum where I can't* defend or clarify my thoughts.

(*- not so much "can't" as "would rather not." I mean, why keep a blog? Why allow comments and the end of blog posts?)

And I know you do try to credit my writing. It wouldn't hurt if you found out just a little bit about me, so you won't confuse me with Mr. Felongco or any other name you see pop up in my posts.



Image credit: Ikabod Bubwit, by the late, great Nonoy Marcelo

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