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Let's start with this. A conceptual map of Metro Manila. I've marked out the existing and potential business districts. Also the commercial centers. I've also put in the existing and proposed mass transit lines.

The symbology should be easy enough to understand.

It is by no means exhaustive (conceptual nga no!) but I will use it a starting point for discussing connectivity -paths and nodes within the metropolis.

Over the next few posts I will examine what is connected and what is not and what should be.

(Visit my latest post at Philippines Makeover to see some connections I'd like to make.)

(Email me if you want the illustrator file of the conceptual map.)


Anonymous said...

have a look at the mandaluyong gov web site the only good maps i have found for metro manila and surrounding areas.




I dont know who runs this government but much better than the information provided in Makati.

if you are doing more you may want to contact JICA and see what they have they made this.


The only other map on makati web site is provided by Yehey..

Have fun i will look in every so often and see your progress..

Urbano dela Cruz said...

thanks for the links. I had posted before about Mandaluyong's online map and zoning resources and also praised them for being ahead of everyone else. That foundation engineering map was a gem. (Of course, Naga has now one-upped them completely.)

That JICA map is also a cartographer's dream - though I can't say much for legibility.

I'm a not trying to construct a detailed map of the metropolis -there are plenty enough sources for that. (though I hope they will eventually release the GIS data to Google Earth/Map).

I am instead, making a conceptual map - a way of thinking of the metropolis - and from there, a rethink of our urban strategy.

Ignatious said...

To be more precise... North and East Triangle alongside with VMMC shall be developed into a new CBD... check my blog out to learn more...


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