a few good words

More than a few actually. This blog got featured in the July 2006 edition of "The magazine for filipinos worldwide." Big thanks to Raymond Virata and Filipinas Magazine for the coverage. Raymond is the Art Director of Filipinas and writes his own blog called Cross Postings and is member of the pinoy expat design community based in San Francisco.
If you can get yourself a copy of the edition - the article reveals my double super sekrit identity. (Like it matters.)
Special thanks to Carlos and Juned for the very kind words.
All this on the heels of INQ7's feature story about Google Earth Philippines and Philippines Makeover.
It raineth and poureth on this urban issues soapbox.

(Full disclosure: Juned and Raymond are friends of mine from high school.)


wysgal said...

Kudos on the publicity. I still try to keep my secret identity as hush-hush as possible. And it semi-freaks me out when people from "real life" tell me they found me online and just *knew* it was me when they read my blog. =)

Urbano dela Cruz said...

thanks wysgal. hmm, maybe you do have a "linguistic fingerprint."

shall we make revealing your super sekrit identity an online community project?

Mayang said...

Congrats on the coverage! Good stuff and great baby steps!

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