Jane Jacobs

Sad news

TORONTO (Reuters) - Jane Jacobs, the social activist and renowned urban development critic, died Tuesday at age 89.

Jacobs, an American-born Canadian, is best known for her book "The Death and Life of Great American Cities," which, since its publication in 1961, has become a standard text on urban issue.


"Jane Jacobs will be remembered as one of the great urban thinkers of our time," Toronto Mayor David Miller said in a statement. "Her contributions and insights have forever changed the way North American cities are developed."


Sidney said...

Indeed, sad news!
The good news is that you are back !

Tabuena art central said...


Urbano dela Cruz said...

ah sydney. you are such an assurance.

(on another note: I think i'll tackle an "urban issues reader" list in one of my next posts...when I get around to it.)

torn said...

I agree -- Jane Jacobs was a great and practical thinker. The Economist gave her a good obituary a couple of weeks ago. The funny thing is she never had a college degree of any sort -- I wonder how far she would get in our qualifications-obsessed world.

That "urban issues reader" is a good idea (then we can all complain "how could you leave THAT out!").

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