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Thanks for all the kind thoughts (via comments or emails).

I've taken the time to rethink what I really want to do with the blog. I want to veer away from the default of online punditry. It seems easy to just comment, commend or rant. I think I want to attempt more. Educate, yes, but as much as I decided to get a real education because I didn't want to become another urban planning dilettante, I want to provide practical education. To get from published word (well, online) to praxis (to borrow a term from the socialists).

I've decided to henceforth focus my posts on three areas:

1) practical urban design/planning for your barangay -what the average juan can do to make his neighborhood a better place. (also inspired by this post by Manila Rat).

2) the future (and past) of cities - looking a technologies on the horizon (Kurzweil's singularity notwithstanding) and how this can possibly affect Metro Manila's future.

and finally,

3) news from the world of urban planning/policy -including Metro Manila (i'll try my best not to pontificate).

So, switching from random sniping to a blunderbuss...(yes, but selective blunderbussing). Maybe we can find a worthy Chrysophylax.

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Anonymous said...

Yan... alam ko na ang kailangan mo lang ang bato sa loob ng iyong bulsa.

Sigaw na... "Captain barbell!!" -- wait Darna yata yon.

Seriously, I hope that while you are educating on the physical planning side you can share thoughts on
planning what network or infrastructures we can explore to tap in the brains of people who may not be physically present in the Philippines but see their positive assimilation in different cultures as part of one barangay.

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