the little here quiz

Inspired by the the big here quiz, here's a short "little here" quiz to see how much you know about your own neighborhood. And I hope it inspires you to explore your neighborhood more. BTW, I use neighborhood/barangay interchangably.

  1. What is the largest flowing body of water (creek or river) in your neighborhood? What direction does it flow?

  2. What direction (north, south, east, west) is your front door oriented to?

  3. Where is the largest tree in your neighborhood? Oldest tree?

  4. Where's the nearest 24-hour convenience store?

  5. Can you name at 5 small retail or service places (sari-sari or grocery store, laundry, coffee shop, drug store, etc.) closest to your house?

  6. What is the farthest point in your neighborhood you have walked to from your house? How long did it take you to walk there?

  7. How many modes of public transportation (bus, jeep, tricyle, pedicab, etc.) Are available in your barangay? What are the major routes?

  8. Taking public transportation, how many rides (transfers) would you have to take to get to the nearest commercial center? -the nearest LRT/MRT station? City hall?

  9. How many barangays are adjacent to your own?

  10. How wide are the sidewalks on your street?

  11. What is the widest street in the barangay? How many lanes does it have?

  12. What intersection in your barangay has the most accidents?

  13. What is the tallest structure in your neighborhood?

  14. Who is your barangay captain? Where does she/he live?

  15. Name one store owner in your neighborhood.

  16. Who is the oldest resident (chronological age) in your neighborhood?

  17. Who, among the people you know, has lived longest in your barangay?

  18. Other than your relatives, if you needed urgent help -whom would you run to in your neighborhood?

  19. What is your favorite place in your barangay? Why do you like it?

  20. What is the worst place in your barangay? What makes it so bad?

  21. What's the nearest public open space to your home? (Is it a park?)

  22. Where do teenagers like to hang out in your neighborhood?

  23. Where do children play in your neighborhood?

  24. How many schools are in your neighborhood? How many of them are public? Private? Elementary? High school?

  25. How many places of worship are in your barangay? What religions/denominations do they serve?

  26. What is the oldest structure in your barangay? When was it built?

  27. Where is the nearest police station? Hospital? Fire station? (Name the street where they are on.)

  28. Are there any schools for special or gifted children in your neighborhood?

  29. Name the biggest employer in your barangay.

  30. What places/establishments in your barangay draw the most people from outside the barangay? -How far away do they come from? How do they get to your barangay?

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File under: Practical urban design/planning for your barangay

Image Credit: Rich Manalang


jo said...

That's a good list, though long! Maybe for easier digestion, items can be grouped under categories (basic needs, geography, emergency, history/culture, socials, community center/leaders, trivia, etc.) and given their own dedicated post time. I also planned on doing something similar to do this-- but more on the side of providing the answers.. :P

Advantage for me--I'm curious and naturally a pakialamera, so most of these questions I can answer off the top of my head. Plus it was part of my job in real estate to "know" my neighborhood.

Possible additions: industry/sources of livelihood specific to your neighborhood, traffic schedule or the time it's advisable (or not) to visit, existing or potential sources of barangay pride.

Urbano dela Cruz said...


you're right, it does seem a bit long. (you should have seen my original list!)

I was intending it to be just an eye-opener for people -to see how much they know or do not know about the "little here" of where they live. (Kudos to you for being "pakialamera" -awareness is the first step to better informed citizens.) -And as a stepping stone to get people to mentally map their neighborhoods.

In the next posts, I will ask readers to put pen to paper and do an actual map of their neighborhoods.

You have to know what IS before you can dream up of what CAN BE.

jo said...

plotting should be fun. that would make for an interesting collection of maps.

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