"Our cities are linked and they are learning"

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curiously, on page 24. there is an illustration of a walking building. it seems to be the next genre of design. but like what the physicist says, " something not practical might end up to be practically designed".; so then, cutting thru analogy and analysis, (enter "star wars", the walkers featured on the movie-empire strikes back, one wonders if these behemoths were originally designed for surface attack as such.) for some though they think these were originally designed to be some sort of walking tennis gymansium (taking cue on the size; 24 m x 30 m x 20 m approx it should be able to hold at least a tennis court with attached amenities like lockers, etc.), so then the point is (i think), people originally wanted to design some sort of walking colliseum, but then they they decided to make it simpler by incorporating it with walking tennis courts. which idea was then used to make the walkers as seen on "star wars". anyway, whats the whole idea of this page?

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