want to reinvent metro manila?

DIYcity: How do you want to reinvent your city?

Twitter bots, aggregators, social software, mobile apps - we use these things more and more in our daily routines to make our lives better. But can we also use them to remake our cities altogether? How can these technologies be applied to transform urban spaces, changing them from the centralized, hard-coded things they are today into finely-tuned, fluid, user-operated systems that are efficient, sustainable and fit for life in the 21st century?

DIYcity is a place where people figure these things out by discussing, then actually building and launching applications that address the problems around them.

Anyone care to start a Metro Manila thread?

Image credit: Brokeness by col_adamson


Anonymous said...

hi mr. dela pena,i was your student in high school. wow. you really finished this urban planning thing. :)

Anonymous said...


Pon said...

hi! i just started working for a planning firm in makati. we're doing the updating of the subic master plan, which i remembered you blogged about before :) how is the new job? - amillah

Peter said...

Ok if someone doesn't do it within the month , I'll jump start it. There's already an existing online community discussing MM substantially in SSC, not too hard to invite the more serious guys over to help establish a core.

Peter said...



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