car free streets

Yes, I know. I've been gone for too long.

Hold on. I've got some major news and updates coming up but meanwhile, be inspired by New York and San Francisco's own takes on car free days on major streets.

Tell me why we can't do this in our cities:

from Streetfilms.org


Michael said...

UP Diliman is already doing it

Anonymous said...

As you already know - Jakarta too


Acumensch said...

recent road rages from motorists against cyclists... a new culture war?

karenkix said...

I know what you mean...
I ask myself that too. In a country where roads are narrow and tight; traffic- a perennial problem and gas expensive - the bike should be the solution.

My family and I are bikers. Bike to school, to work, to the grocery, to church...(car is used only on a have to basis)

We are trying in our own little way to lead the way to "fewer car streets"

K-Kix said...

I just posted the above comment... I forgot to mention that we are members of the Firefly Brigade - an organization that promotes the bicycle for cleaner air and that I hopped over from my sister, the exskindiver.

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