the net and the metro

Being a mapping and graph geek, I've been thinking about the juxtaposition of cities and their websites. Is there any sort of relationship? Does the complexity of a city's website relate to the complexity or legibility of its built environment? Or do they speak more to the level of participation the city engenders through its online presence?

Here are the webgraphs of four cities, two of ours and two world capitals, you tell me what you think:


New York City

Quezon City

Makati City

(I think webgraphs definitely correlate with the online success of presidential campaigns.)

Whether or not the web and the physical city correlate, I am sure the web will have an impact on our cities. Here's what the inventor of the world wide web had to say about it:

"What's exciting is that people are building new social systems, new systems of review, new systems of governance.

"My hope is that those will produce... new ways of working together effectively and fairly which we can use globally to manage ourselves as a planet."

Sir Tim's comments inspire me and make me think of the possibilities that a networked Metro Manila population can do for the city.

What effect do you think the web will have, or is already having on metro manila?


Vanessa said...

Hey UDC! I checked out the webgraphs and saw some rather dazzling results from a few favorite websites. Do you see anywhere an explanation for the graphs? Or are they simply there for art? Is it based on how "complex" the website's construction is?

I usually go online prior to trips and jaunts to see what's out there about the place I'm visiting. What I really appreciate is finding up-to-date, meticulously prepared and verified information from official city websites and the like.

Vanessa said...

Totally unrelated, but you asked a while back about blogs whose existence just tapered off. I'd like to add riverbendblog.blogspot.com "Baghdad Burning"- an Iraqi woman who wrote about life under the occupation and later having to become a refugee. Considering the circumstances, it's very understandable why she stopped posting. I still check once in a while though, curious how she and her family are faring.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Hey Essa,

the graphs illustrate nodes and links - the black dot is the starting point, and each color represents the number/level of links a page is away from the starting point.

Well-designed, info rich city websites definitely increase the legibility of cities. (Have you tried taking a drive using PhatFusions's hack of Google Maps? It'll eat up at least 30 minutes of your day.)

As to shuttered blogs, I was sad to see Sidney take a leave. I hope he's ok. He will be missed.


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