design of our democracy

I've finally managed to turn this series into a pdf suitable for download (1.1mb).

I've adapted it a bit, rewrote some sections that worked in the medium of a blog but didn't quite translate to paper.

It's a bit of a slog but I hope you find the time to read through it. I hope it prompts some thinking.

I also think its an opportune time to discuss why we seem to be stuck in a cycle of corrupt leaders.

p.s. A friend complained about the colors bleeding her inkjet dry, so here's a black and white version (400kb).


koikaze said...

Thanks, Urbano.

I've been indisposed for the past month and am only slowly catching up.

I appreciate the rewrite and have just downloaded a copy of it.


Alex said...


I have downloaded a copy of your proposed points, critiqued it, and put my own revisions to it. Please, if you have time, read it:
A Comprehensive EDSA Proposal

dave said...

this is a timely one, urbano. i'm thinking how this could get integrated with oliver m's one-term-only proposal.

on other stuff, sidney just published a series on those jumbled cables and wires in metro manila and sorsogon he can't help but notice and photograph. hope you could take a look and share some more knowledgeable comments ;)

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Hi Fred,

Thanks for downloading. I hope you're feeling better and that it wasn't anything serious.


Urbano dela Cruz said...

Hi Alex,

Thanks. I've skimmed through your post - I must say you make good points. I hope to clear out my desk and give you a worthy reply.


Urbano dela Cruz said...

Hey Dave,

sorry for the delayed reply.

will hie over to Sidney's and Oliver's and see if I have anything to contribute.


exskindiver said...

hey UDC,
i thought sidney's photos were interesting too.
on an off topic, i might get to see your brother eric in nyc right before easter.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

hey chesca,

is Timang having a reunion in NYC?

When will you ever drive down to DC?


Sidney said...

Serious thinking here...
I am not aware (but I am quite ignorant) if this model of choosing ones political leaders exist in other countries. This looks like a total new concept to me.

And thank you for your input in my blog. Always nice to read your opinions.

Urbano dela Cruz said...

Hi Sidney,

sorry for my delayed reply. (I am a recidivist!)

It is, partly new -although you can find shades of it in the way the Swiss elect their parliamentarians to the Council of State.


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