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I've been watching the local metro races and so far, the old names have had a field day.

But the rest of the info seems to come in trickles.


UPDATE: Ali Atienza concedes to Lim. This info via Torn and frayed -who also gives his analysis on the why Atienza lost. Carlos Celdran, despite his misgivings about Atienza, doesn't see Lim as better alternative. I agree.

Image credit: "Three men on horseback racing"
Horse Racing Color Lithograph, 1885 (LOC)

Public Domain. Library of Congress via pingnews.


Anonymous said...

Will you try to convince Mayor Lim of the importance of Urban Planing in Manila?
Indio Bravo
Alex E.


Urbano dela Cruz said...

If that were possible.

But more important than convincing Mayor Lim (or any other elected official), we need to convince Manilenos of the importance of urban planning and the role the built environment plays in the quality of daily life.

We need to understand that we are citizens, not just voters.

Get that done and the "leaders" will have no choice but to follow.


Eugene said...

I wonder how Lim will run Manila again. Atienza's flagship project of beautifying/reviving Manila and Lim's shame campaign against drug pushers and other criminal elements are worlds apart. (Though Lim did say in an interview that he will not undo Atienza's projects.)

But maybe, they are both tackling crime. It's unlikely but do you think Atienza is an advocate of the Broken Windows Theory? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fixing_Broken_Windows)
I'm fairly sure Bayani Fernando is.

Sidney said...

Thanks for the link to torn and frayed. It is a good analysis.
Let's wait and see but I don't expect anything good... sayang!

Urbano dela Cruz said...


thanks for stopping by. I share your fears.


I have no reason to believe that Lim subscribes to the Broken Windows theory. I don't even remember him doing any sort of beautification projects during his six years as Hizzoner.

It would be good if he did, at least it would be a major improvement from his shame campaign.

As to BF, I can't conclude he believes in Broken Windows either. He's a disciplinarian -and likes cleanliness, but I don't see him putting in the targetted policy visibility approach (i.e., Jack Maple's Comstat) that is the other half of Broken Windows.

As to BW itself, check out Malcolm Gladwell's (of Tipping Point) response to Levitt and Dubner's (of Freakanomics) on the real cause of the drop in crime in NYC. Then there is the newest contender from Jessica Reyes, as blogged by Matt Khan, that it could be the removal of lead from gasoline that caused the eventual drop in crime rate.

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