1 day and more than $2K to go

With little more than a day and still $2,025 short, it looks like we won't hit our $5,000 target for Jack's fundable campaign. The rules are, if we don't hit the target, fundable will not collect any of the pledges.

(Read about Jack here. And here.)

It is a big disappointment for us -and we feel we've let Jack down. We tried our best and we asked as many people as we could.

Thank you so much to the following dear friends who did pledge:

  1. Abby C.
  2. Aimee A.
  3. Alex And Alexis S.B.
  4. Alice M.
  5. Amanda S.
  6. Amy S.
  7. Anna A.
  8. Baly C.
  9. Beatriz L.
  10. Candice C.
  11. Catherine L.
  12. Claire S.
  13. Daniel M.
  14. Elaine D.
  15. Elaine M.
  16. Elizabeth H.
  17. Ellen T.
  18. Eric And Daisy Dlp.
  19. Essa R.
  20. Frederik F.
  21. Georgia B.
  22. Isabel F.
  23. Ivy A.
  24. Jennifer H.
  25. Jennifer S.
  26. Jenny C.
  27. Jonathan L.
  28. Joselito A.
  29. Leah K.
  30. Lia U.
  31. Lola R.
  32. Mai T.
  33. Malyn K.
  34. Margaret M.
  35. Maria Cecilia T.
  36. Martin H.
  37. Michelle G.
  38. Michelle M.
  39. Paul E.
  40. Rajendra S.
  41. Raymond V.
  42. Reine P.
  43. Stacie T.
  44. Therese L.
  45. Yael A.
Maybe's 24 hours is still enough time for a miracle.

Even then, all is not lost. If we don't hit the target, then will ask our friends to send their check directly to Jack's grandmother:
Rita S. Simbulan
548 S. Normandie Ave., Apt. 1, Los Angeles, CA 90020
Office - (213) 747-5588 Ext. 233 - 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Pacific Time
Cellphone (213) 447-3587
Email: emerald5172 at yahoo.com
Office Email: rita at veniceinvestments.com
We'll keep praying -and we hope you say a prayer or two for Jack and his parents, and all the other children and families suffering through faconi anemia. May they find joy this season through and despite the struggle.

Merry Christmas.

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