Help us save Jack

We're helping to raise money for Jack Simbulan, a five year old boy who desperately needs a bone marrow transplant to fight Fanconi Anemia.

We figure we can find at least 200 friends willing to pledge $25 or more to raise $5,000. (This is just a fraction of the $350,000 they need to pay for the operation.)

A pledge of just $25 (or more)

We're using fundable.org to raise the $5K -and are asking for pledges. You can pledge $25 or more via paypal or credit card. You will NOT be charged for your pledge until the total amount of pledges reaches the target amount.

Just 25 days

We have 25 days to raise the amount. When we reach the target amount fundable.org will send a check to Jack's grandmother in California.


Please spread the word

We think this is a very worthy cause -and we hope you can help us help Jack. Could you also help us by linking to this post or to jack's fundable site or emailing this post to your friends.

You would, too.

We know that if we were in Jack's parent's shoes, we would try anything and everything to help our child. We hope you feel the same way, too.

On behalf of Jack and his parents, thank you.

Benjie, Vickie and Teo

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