wanted: phil. property tax expert

I know, I know. I owe you the next post on "design of democracy" -it's in the works. But, my day job has gotten really hectic. Plus, since I am an INTP (very strong on the N, strong on the T and the P), I've got so many threads started for this blog.

Here's another one: I want to have a dialogue with someone who is an expert on property/land taxation in the Philippines. I want to explore how our tax system shapes our cities.

If you are one, or you know of someone who would be a good resource, please email me: urbanodelacruz at gmail.

(BTW, it's a bit bizaare to have my blog posts discussed in MLQ's blog instead of here but at least I know i have some readers. And thanks MLQ for the mentions!)

Image credit: Cartoon by Corky Trinidad

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