nothing succeeds like success

Speaking of unintended consequences (or at least of infectious success), seems that the Organized Bus Route system is so effective that the MMDA is considering organizing the jeepneys too. The really interesing part: the jeepney operators and drivers are leading the asking.

The group, Pasang Masda, led by Obet Martin, has volunteered to test run the organized jeepney route among their members in Valenzuela and Caloocan City to find out if it will have the same effect.

This seems a better use of organized transport unions - since they seem to be failing at organizing transport strikes.

The other quotable quote:"...the OBR has increased occupancy rate from 11 percent during pre-OBR days to 68-percent capacity. This means, bus operators’ income has also improved."

Image credit: from Love affair with a jeepney by Sonia Krug


barangaysingapore said...

I would like to know more about this MMDA implementation...


Would you be free enough to take some shots of this structure described?

-Brgy Captain-

R. O. said...

This is a great idea, Urbano. If you think about it, it's common sensical and fair to all and yet...

Urbano dela Cruz said...


thanks for the tip. will line that up as a topic -though I'd like to get some design specs. I've been trolling through dpwh's website and am appalled that they keep numbers on bridges and paving types, but nothing on lane kilometers or level of service.


I think it makes economic sense to the operators. clearly the chaos of the status quo isn't earning them anymore at the margins, so they are open to testing the new system.

at the very least I'd like to see this in effect along the taft avenue routes - especially at Lagusnilad, in front of the Manila city hall.

shall we all keep our fingers crossed?

R. O. said...

Will pray for it, even. This has been a life-long wish. Okay, im exaggerating.

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