the new black (and white)

This is a response to Christian Monsod's Solution as posted on MLQ's blog.

If you can't march with the black and white (because there are just too many people with shady backgrounds or you're still figuring out the grays) but you're still committed to improving the country and you feel something should be done. Join me in calling for the following:

  1. Immediate resignation of all COMELEC commissioners.
    (Impeach them if they won't.)

  2. Immediate implementation of a RATIONAL electoral automation program.

  3. Creation of a COMELEC REFORM COMMISSION (composed of representatives from all sectors) who will select a new set of commissioners who should all be above reproach.

  4. Immediate reform of the COMELEC. We want an electoral system that we can trust.

This is the most important, most immediate demand. All sides of the impeachment/hello garci/gloriagate can agree to this.

This is the best investment for our future -and if GMA wants to leave a legacy, this is it.

Feel free to take the logo above. Post it on your blogs. Remix it. Send it to friends. Blow it up. Print it on t-shirts. Post it on walls.

(email me if you want a higher resolution or a vector copy.)

There is should be no ambiguity on this:


1 comment:

vonjobi said...

Fixing the Comelec
it took me a while, but consider your movement joined. =)

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