"urban beltway"

Just a quick post on arroyo's speech yesterday at the Philippine Infrastructure Conference in Makati. (Full text of speech here.)

Arroyo used the term "urban beltway" -very new. very significant.

It's supposed to stretch from Clark-Subic to Batangas Port through Metro Manila. I guess this is the projected growth area for the urban agglomeration.

Big question: what is the spine? A series of roadways or rail? Is there a regional plan or growth strategy? What are the eastward and westward axes? Who is the lead agency or cabinet cluster in charge of the plan?


carlosceldran said...

>hi carlos,
>thanks for replying. I just finished reading your interview on Planet
>Philippines. Galing! You're going to have to clones yourself pretty soon.
> More customers coming your way.
Thats what Im hoping for...

>So you went to RISD? I've had some jury members from RISD -and I know
>some people in the current faculty of RISD's planning department.
Ya. It's a pretty small school.

>I finished grad school last year -working in DC now for the technical
>assistance arm of a national non-profit that advocates livable,
>sustainable cities. Don't plan to stay here long -maybe 3-4 years max. I
>just don't want to come home a dilettante - with a masters degree but with
>very little experience. I'm pining away for Metro Manila though -and I
>think the blog is a symptom of my own sense of helplessness.
Hmmm. I wouldnt miss it that much. It aint going anywhere (literally and

DC can be a really great place. This guy named Taylor who used to live in
Manila runs a blog named skunkeye consumer guide,
http://skunkeye.blogs.com/skunkeye/. He does a great listing of things to
see and do when in the city. He also loves Manila. His blog can be accessed
through mine.

>thanks for linking me to your blog - I've linked your blog to mine and am
>reading through some of the other sites on your link list.
>True, FZA isn't a politician, but I know national issues such often
>consume their time. I've been trying to get him to become a city
>advocate. I figure it's a good fit with his chairmanship of both Manila
>Water and ALI. It's second hand arm twisting though as I go through Vicky
>Garch -who, is even more consumed by the national issues.

Well. Vicky Garch also just resigned from the Presidents cabinet (Hay naku,
these pro-Cory freaks just have proven their irrelevance). Gloria will only
get stronger because of this.

Anyway, that means Ms. Garchitorena has free time now.
>I suppose the Brothers have both taken your tours. Sumama na ba yung
>matanda? (don jaime -I'm more in touch with him than I am with JAZA or
FZA has and so has his wife Kitkat. So has their sister Sofia. JZA and
Lizzie not yet. Don Jaime not yet.

>Are you related in anyway to David Celdran? -he was my contemporary in
First cousin.

>And are you still in touch with the Conservation Society folks?
Heck no. Maybe we bump into each other once in a while but not




carlosceldran said...

i just sent this letter to your site because your email bounced my reply back.

Feel free to delete these entries once you've read them. :o)

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